Anke Schaubrenner

Anke Schaubrenner

Anke Schaubrenner - Soul Writing


Anke Schaubrenner is a professional singer and singing teacher of recognized prestige in Germany. She has been living in Mallorca for more than 3 years and shows all her work and know-how on the island giving workshops, private events and private lessons.

Thanks to her love for music she is able to transmit her love and dedication to others and to make the audience participate in her music.

Social Media created from scratch.

Anke’s social media did not have any publications nor was the branding of the networks worked on. We started our work by selecting the best photos and videos of custom sessions for Anke and began to create the current strategy and feed on Instagram.


Our Work

Soul Writing Social Media

Anke Schaubrenner came to us because she needed someone to manage her social networks, it was a channel she had forgotten and she needed a push to launch the networks and start showing the world her Soul Writing services.

Anke is a professional singer and singing teacher, of recognized prestige in Germany, she has been living in Mallorca for more than 3 years and has been the soundtrack of films, documentaries, has given concerts on the most important stages in Germany and now from Mallorca through workshops and private events, Anke shows all attendees with great charisma and love her gifts and makes you participate in the event in a friendly and affectionate way.

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