ConAlma Consulting

ConAlma consulting

ConAlma consulting

Conalma consulting retreat agency

Conalma consulting is a small retreat agency in Mallorca run by Johanna Schinker. Johanna helps yoga teachers and other retreat organizers to find the most beautiful places in Mallorca to make their retreat an unforgettable experience. At the same time she facilitates the whole process of organizing retreats.

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Conalma consulting Mallorca

Our Work

Johanna contacted us to help her with the design and development of the website. We started the project with a photo shoot by the hand of our trusted collaborator. The next step was the design of the website, which we carried out respecting the logo and brand colors made by our external collaborator.
The last step was the keyword analysis and the installation of all the necessary plugins, including a plugin that allows customers to easily book retreats online. The texts provided by Johanna were modified based on the keyword analysis performed so that the ConAlma consulting website would be visible in search engines.

Our goal was to create a website that was easy to understand, visually pleasing and perfectly functional and responsive at the same time.