Energy Shamanic

Energy Shamanic

Energy Shamanic

Shamanic therapies

The website for Energy Shamanic was the first website we made after developing the platform.
With this first website, we decided that all the experience we had gained from developing and creating websites with Likexpats, we needed to show it to others and help and offer our knowledge and success.

We are very grateful to Gerard Ros, shaman therapist for giving us the opportunity and his confidence that we were the right people for the realization of his new website. Learn more about his wonderful website and the much needed services he offers:

Diseño página web Gerard
Diseño web consciente

Our Work

The first thing we did was to meet Gerard Ros, getting interested in his services for us still unknown at that time, launching us to try his enriching shamanic and healing therapies and feeling first hand the healing.

Then after having soaked up all his knowledge, we started the project by creating a logo with the help of a collaborator, with which Gerard felt totally identified, we made the custom design of his website based on the colors with which Gerard feels identified. Then we did a photo shoot with our trusted collaborator.

Putting it all together to create this wonderful website was a wonderful experience for us and Gerard with which we were all totally satisfied.