Katja Schumacher

Katja Schumacher

Katja Shamanic Healing


Katja Schumacher is a shaman and performs individual healings, therapeutic massages and group sanctions, using all those elements of nature specific to each patient.

Katja has been practicing shamanism for more than 20 years, where she acquired all her experience traveling around the world and meeting and working hand in hand with the most important shamans of the Amazon jungles, Hawaii and other places in the world.


Our Work

Social Media Shamanic Therapist

Katja contacted us after seeing our work with other projects, because she needed help with social media. From the first moment we offered her all our help to increase her community and create a strong community interested in her services.
We managed to get Katja to expose her services both individually and in groups + workshops spread all over the island of Mallorca, with other professional healers.

Katja's services that takes care of you and pampers you from the heart, getting to the root of the problems, is a much needed practice that we all should at some point experience, open up, and heal.

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