Social Media for Likexpats Travel Platform

Likexpats is our other project. It is a startup that currently operates in the Czech market with plans to operate in other markets such as Spain as soon as possible. From the platform you can book authentic tours with local guides and accommodation.

Networks created from scratch.

The social networks of our model project, were created in 2019, starting little by little with a lot of illusion and faith in the project. During the first two years while we were finding our target audience to focus on, the Covid-19 appeared, which was totally horrible for all sectors but especially for tourism and it was where we took advantage to achieve a strong community in networks, find our target, make new agreements with suppliers and be able to become very competitive at the end of the restrictions. And yes, we prepared enormously to receive requests, credibility in suppliers and achieve a strong community, today there are almost 30,000 followers on Instagram, more than 10,000 on Facebook, 3,000 on Tik Tok and almost 100,000 views on our Youtube videos.


Our Work

Social Media for Travel Platform

Likexpats started from 0 in 2019, also its social networks. At first we did not know in which social networks we should be and we tried all of them, after seeing that our market was neither on Twitter nor on LinkedIn, we boosted Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Youtube, achieving a community of more than 50,000 followers and that thanks to the weekly newsletter that our customers receive, we managed to gain the loyalty of an audience interested in authentic travel with locals.

Why have professional social networks for your tourism company?

Having professional social networks will provide:

  • Increased online visibility and notoriety
  • Improving online reputation
  • More confidence to generate bookings for your services
  • Highlight photos and text in your customized profile content
  • Brand image enhancement