Logom Equality

Logom Equality

Logom Equality

Association - foundation: equality plan for companies and public bodies, consultancy and support, lgtbiaq+ plan, training on equality

Logom Equality is an association that helps to implement measures in your company or corporation that will turn it into a benchmark plan in terms of productivity, civility and coexistence.

Montse and Carlos have been working in the field of gender equality and diversity for more than 20 years. They have studied in Sweden, Russia and other countries where they were able to learn, implement their measures and evolve, to now be able to offer all this knowledge to companies, corporations and public bodies in Spain.

The web design was created by external collaborators and implemented and developed by us, it has been a great experience for this beautiful project, we have created a visual harmony and an intuitive web with the resources we had.


Our work

Montse and Carlos asked us to develop and create their website with a pre-established design by Mónica Kbamori.

Our goal was to show the different services offered by Logom Equality to companies, municipalities and other organizations, in a careful, intuitive and modern way.

After creating the web design and implementing it on the website, we added the texts exclusively created for this project, the keyword analysis and SEO, as well as the installation of all the necessary plugins. The texts provided were modified by inserting the keywords, based on the previous analysis performed, so that the Logom Equality website would be visible in search engines.

In this project the web design, texts, branding and personal branding, has been done by external collaborators and the photography has been selected from image banks, by and specifically for this project.