Mónica Kbamori

Mónica Kbamori

Mónica Kbamori

Conscious design: brand design and strategy, visual identity, web and network design, network strategy

Mónica Caballero is pure naturalness and authenticity, which she expresses in all her creations. She claims the essence of each project and her knowledge and involvement leads to an impeccable result.
From brand design to web or network design is carefully studied, where the client will feel that the work done is part of him/her. In webvisible, we collaborate with Monica in brand design: logo, branding and web design for most of our clients.

diseño web responsive
diseño web monica kbamori

Our work

Monica asked us to develop and create her website with a pre-established design.

It was a great challenge, since it meant creating a fully customized website to the millimeter, making the photography, design and texts take center stage in equal parts.

Our goal was to capture the web design as it was made, creating and inserting all the parts that were necessary and that the web was easy to understand, visually pleasing and perfectly functional and responsive at the same time.

The last step was to insert the texts, keyword analysis and SEO, as well as the installation of all the necessary plugins, including the newsletter plugin. The texts provided by Monica were modified by inserting the keywords, based on the previous analysis, so that Monica Kbamori's website would be visible in search engines.

In this project the web design, texts, branding, branding, branding is made by Mónica Caballero and photography by Noelia Sobrino fotografía.