My Mallorca Diary

My Mallorca Diary


Social Media by Tomas Nanak, Mallorca Travel Planner & Concierge, where he shows you the most interesting places in Mallorca and helps you book authentic experiences on the island to make the most of your vacation.

He offers discount codes for car rental companies, licensed and unlicensed boat rentals, yachts, private excursions, winery tours, hot air balloon tours, apartment rentals and much more.

Social Media created from scratch.

The social networks of Tomas Nanak – My Mallorca Diary, before were intended for personal use and were not focused on Concierge and selling experiences. We started our work by selecting the best suppliers on the island specialized in boat rentals, private excursions, rental cars etc, previously checked by us, knowing that what we offer is of quality and then create the best content for users who want to know Mallorca authentically contact with him.


Our Work

Social Media My Mallorca Diary


Tomas Nanak's social networks for the promotion and diffusion of the Mallorca brand.

He offers discounts from the best suppliers on the island, be it licensed and unlicensed boat rentals, hot air balloon experiences, private excursions, yacht and luxury boat rentals, apartment rentals and much more.

Getting to know the local suppliers we collaborate with is a great satisfaction. Seeing how clients after renting a boat or having a private excursion enjoy the island so authentically is the added value that Tom wants to bring to the island, always offering services from local island businesses.

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