Santanyi Rentals

Santanyi Rentals

Santanyi Rentals

Vacation rental agency in mallorca

Santanyi Rentals is a small vacation rental agency in Mallorca, of recognized prestige in the area of Santanyi and surroundings, directed by Paola de la Maggiora.

Paola and the whole team carry out the integral management of villas, houses and apartments in the area, offering a holiday rental service of the properties giving a personalized service to the owners who do not have to worry about anything, they also take care of the cleaning of the properties, maintenance of the house and gardens, check-in and personal contact with owners and clients. This is their hallmark and what makes them stand out from the competition.
All this thanks to an optimized website, which generates every day more direct bookings and depends less and less on other platforms such as airbnb or booking.

They have villas and houses in the southeast of the island: Santanyí, Es Llombards, Campos, Ses Salines, Colonia Sant Jordi and other nearby places.

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Our work:
Integral Management - Marketing and Sales of Tourism Companies

Paola contacted us to help her with the marketing and sales of her business. She needed a team to manage web and platform bookings: Airbnb, Booking, Vrbo, customer communications, payment control, sales increase, search for new villas, social media management and the most important goal to increase direct sales. In order to achieve all of the above and focus on selling more directly through the agency's own website, we realized that the website needed a redesign, especially of the home page to make the buying process clearer for the client, redesign of the texts to capture the attention of users, so that they can see at a glance all the services offered by the agency, what stands out from the competition, advantages of booking directly, new villas highlighted on the web and web offers. We got down to work and together with the channel manager Icnea, we developed the new changes.

We also expanded the passive sales of Santanyi Rentals by exploiting a new service: "Santanyi Rentals Guide" which offers excursions, activities, rental cars and other services that generate passive income for the agency.

We also expanded the portfolio of villas and houses, optimizing all sales channels such as platforms like Airbnb, Booking, Vrbo and creating new partnerships with potential vacation rental platforms with which we did not work before.

Competition study, price and pricing study to achieve more profitability.

In summary:
Benefits of our work for the company Santanyí Rentals

  1. The increase in bookings for the company resulted in an increase of annual revenue literally doubled compared to previous years. The company was able to double its annual results. 
  2. We were able to obtain 50% more direct bookings: obtaining reservations from users of social networks, from users of platforms that want to book directly through you, by appearing in the results of Google or other search engines, in addition to obtaining advance reservations from all those repeat customers who book every year the villas they trust.
  3. New collaborations with emerging platforms in the sector and leaving aside those platforms that did not contribute financially to the company. (Being on all platforms does not always attract results, it is best to be on 2 or 3 platforms maximum with fully optimized profiles that attract maximum bookings for your accommodation).
  4. Passive income through the excursion and activity guide for more than €3,000 per year.
  5. Passive income through collaboration with rental car companies for more than €5,000 per year.
  6. Expansion of the portfolio with new properties achieving higher annual revenue.
  7. Increased recognition and prestige of the company.
  8. Increased customer and partner confidence.