The Best Web Hosting

The Best Web Hosting

los mejores hosting web

Did you know that the choice of hosting and domain is the most important thing when creating your website? When choosing the car, the house of your dreams or even the food products you buy at the supermarket?

You always look for the best, don’t you, the best in safety as in the case of the car, the best location for the house and as for the food products, the healthiest and healthiest possible, don’t you?

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Good customer service, speed and virtual security are the most important aspects when choosing a hosting company.

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Don’t you think that to host your web page and domain you need to be with the best, the best in customer service, the best in speed and above all in virtual security?

With this article we help you to know first of all what is a hosting and a domain, in addition to introduce you to the best hosting in Spain, the safest, fastest and with the best customer service in case of incidents. Choose the hosting that best suits your business.

Customer service / Speed / Safety / Reliability

What is hosting?

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Hosting is a hosting service for websites. It hosts your content, your emails and all kinds of information you have, so that it can be seen by users from any device with internet connection from anywhere, this hosting is called web server. In short, it is the place where your web page is stored and where all your data is stored on the web server.

The web server is a very powerful computer connected 24 hours a day to the Internet, which means that you must choose one of the best hostings on the market to host your website if you do not want to have connection problems such as web crashes, problems with templates, plugins you install, etc.

What is a domain?

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In order for Internet users to reach the website that you have hosted on a hosting or web server, you need to have a domain. This domain will serve to indicate to the different browsers the content that you want to be shown.

It is very important that you think well about your domain, not only because it will be the letter of introduction of your company on the Internet, but also because a well-chosen name can even help you to position in the search engines.

If you need help with the choice of domain name we will be happy to help you.

Most hosting plans include the choice of your free domain or they provide it themselves for a small annual fee.

Another of our tips is to always choose the right hosting for your type of business. If for example you manage a business where your potential audience is Russian and you focus on this audience, you will need the most powerful and reliable hosting in that country. Analyze your business and your audience before hiring your hosting

Do you want to know which are the best hosting services on the market? Here we show you our list with the best hostings, reliable and above all with good customer service for the moment you need them to be there to help you with any problem.

The 8 best hosting for your website

Find out which are the 8 best web hosting tested by professionals and choose the one that suits you best:

1. Webempresa

webempresa hosting españa

Webempresa is one of the most used web hosting in Spain. Specialized in WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and other systems for web creation. It stands out for the good customer reviews and for the high effectiveness and speed in resolving incidents. It has very attractive plans. From we recommend it 100%, as a 5 star web hosting.

You can sign up for one of their plans here: Hosting plans webempresa

2. Raiola Networks

hosting de españa

Raiola Networks is a very powerful hosting. It is a Spanish company that offers powerful and very attractive web hosting services, stands out for the professionalism of its customer service and speed in resolving incidents. Benefit from one of their plans here: Raiola Networks Plans


hosting españa cyberneticos

Cyberneticos is another Spanish company with its own data center in Spain, specifically in Cadiz. It stands out for its economic multidomain plans, of great capacity, where you will be able to store without limit all your domains without the need to contract hosting per domain. Get one of the most powerful hosting plans in Spain at this link: Powerful and economical hosting,

4. Siteground

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It is a quality hosting fast and secure, specializing in WordPress, has a fast and expert team, which the resolution of incidents in a fast and effective manner is one of its strengths. By chat, phone, and tickets. You can get it here with a free domain for the first year: Cheap and reliable hosting, Siteground

5. Active 24

active 24 hosting web

It is the most popular hosting in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Based in Prague, it recently arrived in our country to show its full potential to Spanish users. They offer great customer service by phone, e-mail, or chat in Spanish.

On a personal level we have several websites with this hosting and we have never had any problem and they have solved all our queries quickly and efficiently.

They have interesting plans such as web hosting with WordPress at a very affordable price, you can find it here: Cheap wordpress hosting

6. Bana Hosting

hosting económico españa

Fast and high performance international hosting with support in English. It offers the Bana-professional deluxe plan with unlimited disk space and unlimited websites to host. You can get it here: High performance hosting with unlimited space

7. Hostinger

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It is an ideal hosting for small personal projects, such as the blog you’ve been wanting to create, your resume or cover letter, your small online business…

Their prices range from less than 1 euro per month, with which we recommend to make non-professional projects; to the most professional plans, the latter already more powerful and specialized in wordpress ideal for creating your business project, from less than 3 € per month. Find Hostinger’s prices, the most competitive in the market here: Hostinger, the cheapest plans

8. Hostgator

hosting web económico hostgator

It is one of the strongest hosting worldwide, of American origin since the early 2000s and since 2006 they decided to expand their business internationally, until today they have several offices around the world.

The page to hire their services and customer service is in English.

If you want to have an online business focusing on a quality international audience and that works well, this can be your hosting, hire it here: The best Hosting for your international business

Do you still need help to know which is the best hosting for your business, contact us in the button below, we will be happy to help you 🙂

Do you need professional help for the creation of your website?

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If you need a professional web design, innovative and that helps you to differentiate yourself from others, from we are very clear about what your business needs, we make an exhaustive study of your project and we offer you the plan that best suits your needs, fully customizable.

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