Top 5 Project Management Tools

Top 5 Project Management Tools

gestión de proyectos en español

The importance of organization in the company is vital to enjoy a good working environment. In which all conversations in the team are fluid, everyone knows what they have to do at all times and with stipulated deadlines. Within your organization, whether you are a freelancer or have a company with any number of workers, you should include one of the project management tools that will help you to be always organized as a team, with collaborators or with clients.

There are many tools that help you organize and manage your tasks, but for us the most important ones, in terms of performance, features, quality and price, are the following:

The 5 best project management tools for your business 

Find out which are the best management tools in Spanish, tested by professionals and choose the one that suits you best:

  1. Freelo
  2. Click Up
  3. Trello
  4. Notion
  5. Miro

1. Freelo

Freelo is the easiest project and task management tool we have ever come across. At our digital marketing agency we needed a tool to organize our tasks that was as intuitive as possible, so we could start using it from the very first moment we signed up.

It is easy to lose information when sending emails, making phone calls or using a chat. A task in Freelo contains perfectly clear user files and conversations. We can even send audio notes, screenshots and screen recordings. It’s very easy to see who is working on what task and when.

You can pull daily, weekly or monthly reports of the time worked by each employee or collaborator, as well as the cost of the project. You will always be aware of how much time someone has worked and the cost. Clear graphs let you know the costs and time worked by the people in your team.

From we recommend it 100%, it is the tool that we use and that works perfectly for us to work organized with our collaborators and to have all the information on the part of our clients in a single site.

How is Freelo?


Projects and Tasks


Mention someone / Time control


Weekly and monthly reports

Business panel

Freelo in its “Free” version allows you to have up to 3 active projects and invite up to 3 users to the tool to collaborate and work with you. It is also perfect for organizing your personal projects such as events, vacations, etc.

In its “Freelance” and “Team” paid versions, you can invite as many people as you want to your projects and the price will not change. The Business plan is recommended for companies and large organizations. You can sign up for one of their plans here: Freelo Plans

Advantages of Freelo

These are the advantages of Freelo over other similar project management tools:

  • App and complete website in English
  • Support in English
  • Time, budget and cost tracking function
  • Fixed price regardless of the number of users
  • You can choose the display of tasks in projects: in rows or in columns (kanban).
  • Reports and statistics of costs and time worked.


2. Click Up

Click Up is a popular project and task management tool with an easy to use dashboard or main panel, which also has different functionalities such as row view, kanban or calendar among others.

Click up has different plans: Free, Unlimited, Business, Business Plus y Enterprise.

The price of each of the plans varies according to the number of members of the company.

In short, it is a good tool, although we particularly miss the time measurement and clearer statistics. The tool is in English and the support is also in English, which could be a handicap when it comes to inviting collaborators. Even so, we still use the tool to order some tasks in its free version and we are happy with it.

How is Clickup?


3. Trello

Trello, probably the best known task and project management tool, is easy to use and all projects and tasks are developed in workspaces with boards and cards.
It has predesigned templates in English where you can choose the one you like, change the information and start organizing your tasks, and you can also add a main background image.

The prices of the payment plans in Freelo vary according to the number of users, starting from 60 USD per user per year.

To organize tasks on a personal level we see that it is a simple tool that allows you to easily learn and start organizing tasks but at the enterprise level apart from the price per user, which for example a company with more than 10 workers would be quite expensive, conversations, exchange of information, files etc. we have found it unintuitive and complex.

How is Trello?

4. Notion

The Notion project and task management tool is a tool that is enjoyed entirely in English. It is easy to use with a basic and visually appealing workspace.

Notion has several plans where you pay for the number of users.

How is Notion?

5. Miro

It is an online collaborative whiteboard tool for teamwork.

The way of working in Miro is very original in the whiteboards and choosing the most convenient template, but at the same time we have also found it complicated to work all together in the organization of our projects and tasks. There are templates for brainstorming, research, workshops?

One of the functions that we liked the most is the ability to “capture a website”.

Prices are per user, and start at 8 USD per user.

How is Miro?

Still need help figuring out which project management tool is best for your business? Contact us on the button below, we will be happy to help you 🙂

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