Web Design and Development for Accommodations

Do you have a Hotel, Hostel or any type of Vacation Home: Finca, Villa, Apartments, Rural House..., and you don't have a website with a booking engine?

Ok, we have a problem and we are going to solve it

Get more bookings now on your property, thanks to a personalized web page that sells

Leaving your website in our hands can be the first step to start getting direct customers to your accommodation

And stop relying 100% on platforms such as Booking.com, Airbnb, Vrbo or others


Annual savings on platform commissions


Direct bookings




Get more bookings now on your property, thanks to a personalized web page that sells!

Why is it essential to create a website for your accommodation?

Whether you own an apartment, rural house, villa, agritourism, or any type of holiday accommodation, the best way to get more bookings is through an exclusive tourist website for your property. Thanks to:

  • A personalized design focused on the sale of your accommodation.
  • Easy navigation for users with calls to action within the website to make the reservation.
  • We will show and emphasize the most important details of your property that make it unique and differentiate it from the competition.
  • Simple calendar to facilitate the user’s reservation.
  • Booking engine.
  • Different sections on the web to show in a visual way the potential of your accommodation.
  • Plugins installed and configured for Google Analytics, Cookies, Recaptcha to avoid spam…
  • Easy acceptance of reservations through your website.
  • Calendars synchronized on all platforms with the calendar on your website.

Thanks to our work you will be visible

How will you get more online presence?

  • We will optimize your website for SEO, so that you appear in the first results of search engines when internet users search for accommodation.
  • Study of customized keywords for your tourism business that we will include in the SEO.
  • 100% optimization for all devices: mobile, tablet, desktop.
  • Possibility to add several languages.
  • More online reputation thanks to testimonials.
  • Optimization or registration of your accommodation in Google my business to get reviews from your customers also by this way.

Take a quality step with your accommodation

Benefits of having a booking engine

15 key benefits of having a booking engine on your accommodation website:

  1. Increased Conversion: Give your website visitors the ability to book directly, which increases the likelihood that they will make a reservation instead of looking for other options.

  2. Greater Control: You have total control over the availability, rates, and policies of your accommodation, allowing you to adapt them to your needs and business strategy.

  3. Reduced Commissions: By avoiding intermediaries, such as platforms like Booking.com or Airbnb, you can reduce or eliminate the commissions you must pay for your clients’ bookings.

  4. Customization: You can customize the booking engine to reflect the identity and branding of your accommodation, creating a consistent experience for your guests.

  5. Real-Time Access: Guests can view real-time availability and make reservations at any time, enhancing user experience and convenience.

  6. Improved Efficiency: Automates processes such as reservation confirmation and inventory management, which saves time and reduces errors.

  7. Customer Loyalty: Offering exclusive incentives, such as discounts or special promotions, through the booking engine can increase customer loyalty.

  8. Data Collection: Get valuable data about your guests and their booking behavior to make informed decisions about your marketing strategy.

  9. Additional Sales Boost: You can offer additional services, such as breakfast or activities, during the booking process, which can increase your revenue.

  10. Improved Visibility: An online booking engine can improve your visibility in search engines, which attracts more visitors to your website.

  11. Pricing Flexibility: You can adjust your rates according to demand, special events, or high, medium, or low season, maximizing your income.

  12. Inventory Management: Efficiently control room availability and avoid overbooking or underbooking.

  13. Data Security: Use secure systems to protect your guests’ sensitive information and ensure privacy.

  14. Enhanced Customer Service: Offers faster and more efficient customer service by directly handling guest requests and inquiries.

  15. Competitiveness: A booking engine makes your accommodation more competitive in the market, as travelers value the ease of online booking.

In short, a booking engine on your accommodation’s website can be a powerful tool to boost your business, improve your guests’ experience, and increase your revenue.


Your website created by experts in the tourism sector

Why contract your website with booking engine with us?

We know your needs, we know who your potential customer is and we closely analyze the market.

Not all web agencies are going to worry about who your potential client is, your needs and much less analyze the market. With our experience in the tourism sector, we want you to rest assured that we know what we are doing.

Custom web design, personalized and designed to generate sales.

Because we know that generating direct bookings is not easy, but we know how to solve it. Our priority is to deliver you a custom designed website, personalized, responsive and created to facilitate the user the booking and generate the sale.

SEO Positioning

The organic positioning in search engines is our other priority, so we perform a thorough SEO analysis so that your property is visible in search engines and occupies the first pages in the search results of users.

Booking engine with no additional monthly costs

Our booking engine has no additional cost, you will not pay a percentage per booking or a monthly fee for having this booking engine.

Increased credibility and value of your business

If you have a website that generates user confidence, you will increase the credibility and value of your business. Users will have no fear of booking through your website and save platform commissions by booking directly on your website.

Adrián Arroyo

Web development
"My name is Adri and I am a Spaniard in love with a Czech. Apart from a jovial, funny and (very) sensitive person, I'm the technical part of this team. I'm in charge of everything that has to do with positioning, backlinks, the programming and coding part..."

Tomas Nanak

Web design + social networks
"My name is Tom and I am a Czech in love with Spain. I love to travel and plan non-stop adventures, including entrepreneurship! That's why, while working in luxury hotels, the idea of creating my own online company was forging ahead..."

We are Adri and Tom, web designers and developers focused on the tourism sector thanks to our many years of experience in this sector.

We put our web development know how into practice by creating our own accommodation and excursions platform and managed to position Likexpats brand among the best startups on the Czech and Slovak market. Take a look at the websites made for other accommodations:

Are you ready to receive more direct bookings?

Questions we would ask ourselves if we were you

How long will it take you to send me a quotation?

The quotation is done through a form with questions that we need you to fill in to understand more about your project.

The form will be sent to you when you contact us. From that moment, it will take maximum 48 hours to send it to you.

When will I get my website?

It depends on each project, but the average is usually 30 days after you provide us with all the material (photos, texts, logo…), so it also depends on your availability and proactivity.

If you do not provide us with the required material on time, the deadline may be delayed.

Do you also take care of the texts and photos?

We (Adri and Tom) specialize in web development and design, but we have a network of collaborators that cover other areas such as: 

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Professional Photography

For a good SEO positioning we recommend you to work all these services with us if you don’t have them yet.

Will it look good on mobile?

Of course, our priority is to give importance to the visibility of the website on mobile, because nowadays most people access websites from mobile. That’s why our pages are 100% responsive for all mobile devices, tablet, notebook, with fully customized designs.

Will we appear on Google?

Google is one of the most important search engines, which most users use daily on multiple occasions. That is why from webvisible.es we give an enormous importance to the organic positioning (SEO) and we will make your website visible in Google and the rest of search engines.